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Meet the HBA Basel Team

Stefanie Zechner
Job title, Company: global SVP and GM Europe, Bench International
Role within HBA: HBA Basel president
Where you are from originally: Berne, Switzerland
When and why you joined: I have been a member and attended and hosted HBA events since 2009. After the annual Leadership Summit in Basel in 2015, I was inspired and energized to take on a more active role and joined the Basel chapter as programming director in August 2016. Since one year, president of HBA Basel.
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel: To make HBA Basel achieve new heights. Basel has been the birthplace of HBA Europe in 2007, and Basel is still very well positioned to be a thriving hub for the life sciences and healthcare industry. My ambition is to re-engage the big players in Basel such as Novartis and Roche while winning new partners in the biotech and start-up scene and achieve a diverse pool of members and make HBA Europe proud. 
An interesting/funny fact about yourself: I fancied the idea of becoming an opera singer when I was a child. Well in line with my professional career, I chose not to become a diva superstar but a reliable team player – proof of that: I sing in a Basel choir.

Kressmann Sabine

Job title, Company: head of market development and technology, Hutman Diagnostics AG
Role within HBA: HBA Basel vice president
Where you are from originally: Germany
When and why you joined: I joined HBA Basel in the summer of 2015. It had been two years that I was working in a startup. Two years in meetings with male investors, male decisions makers, male stakeholders... me, the only woman, at least 20 years younger than the rest. I was pregnant with my first son and already felt the challenges and boundaries with maternity leave, coming back to work with a young child arising ahead of me. Then I joined a very inspiring HBA event "From Bench to Boardroom" and I felt it was time to make a difference."Each of us can make a difference. Together we make a change"-Barbara Mikulski. And I joined HBA as a volunteer.
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel: Make Basel the leading chapter in Europe. Make sure HBA is taken seriously, is sitting at the right table with the right people to make the right decisions and make a change. Grow HBA Europe to be a vibrant, stimulating, funny, energetic hub of excellence for the healthcare industry.
An interesting/funny fact about yourself: Women a great team members. Already in my early and young days I learned what it means to be part of a successful team. I have been doing synchronized swimming on a national level for 14 years with three years on the German Youth National Team competing internationally. During the lifts performed in synchronized swimming, there is often only one girl out of eight or 10 that can A) breathe and B) gets the "glory" and the "exposure" during the lift. The remaining girls are underwater, unable to breathe, they are "not seen" and without them - nothing would be possible. That is what you call a team effort and success.

Ana Jiménez-Orgaz 

Job title and company: PhD student, Center for Biological Systems Analysis, (ZBSA)
Role within HBA: HBA Basel operations director 
Where I come from originally: Spain
When and why you joined: I joined in 2014, when I moved to Basel. I was looking for a way to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry different from my current job. I did some research on the internet and when I found the HBA I knew that was it. I immediately joined. Since then, I have met great people and learned many things through volunteering and from industry leaders. During these years I have work on several projects together with people from all around the globe. I just love it.
My vision for HBA Basel: I envision a strong chapter where a complete spectrum of the society is represented and together we can work on where gender intersects with other reasons for inequalities.

Svetlana Daguerre

Job title, Company:  regulatory CMC senior manager, Novartis
Role within HBA:  HBA Basel, director at large, membership and volunteer engagement
Where you are from originally: Russia
When and why you joined I joined HBA as a member: In August 2017 while enrolling in the HBA Europe mentoring program. Thanks to the motivation and inspiration from my mentor in that program, I started to actively volunteer within the HBA since November 2017. I am very happy about having joined the Basel chapter team, a group of incredible open-minded, dedicated and supportive individuals.
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel:  Build a warm, welcoming and supportive environment fostering the connections within healthcare companies in Basel area, while raising awareness on gender equality topics.
An interesting fact about yourself: I used to participate in Russian championships of rhythmic gymnastics.

Magdalena Daccord

Job title, Company: associate director, head of operations EMEA at DIA (Drug Information Association)
Role within HBA: HBA Basel director at large, marketing and communications
Where you are from originally: Originally Polish, more recently Swiss from Suisse Romande
When and why you joined: I joined HBA back in September 2016 after a great live event in Zurich at the Pfizer office. After that I was offered a volunteering opportunity at the HBA Suisse Romande team for m,arketing. As a mid career healthcare professional and female, who was about to become a mom and facing crossroads of decision, choices and changes I felt I needed support and guidance. Listening to senior women leaders at my first event talking about navigating through change I found certain level of inspiration, energy and reassurance. At that time I instantly wanted to join the mentoring program offered by HBA and so I decided to become part of the association.
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel: I like to look in the future with an appreciation of the past. A small group of visionary and inspirational women and men brought HBA to Basel in 2005. They established it over time - first as a European region which then became a local chapter. Their main goal in mind - bringing (more) women in healthcare to the leadership level. Our task today is to take over the baton and to action on it. We are privileged to be based in Basel - the heart of international healthcare industry, academia, research centers, various associations and non-profit organizations. As HBA we can and should be an integral part of this ecosystem – as a partner and a facilitator driving the positive change for individual women and businesses. My vision for HBA Basel would be to become a well-recognized and valued institution, built by members and for members, both individual and corporate. Personally, I would like HBA Basel to keep up the great job and continuously deliver a great value to our members by creating meaningful interactions, true engagement and support. In practical terms, it means different development opportunities like mentoring or volunteering, versatile calendar of regular events – weather practical workshops with subject matter experts or bigger programs with influential and inspirational speakers. I see a bounty of potential in collaborating with other Swiss chapters (we are only 1 to 2,5 hrs away from each other) – we should capitalize on high density of healthcare organization spread around us and the number of women affiliated with them. Looking for synergies and building bridges with other women’s organizations would allow for a bigger impact. In the spirit of being closer to our partners we would love to bring our mission and events to their locations, Last but not least, I would like our HBA Basel community to expand, attracting new member groups (more locals – Suisse, more males, the next HBA generation, etc.) so we can offer a diversity of thoughts, approaches and solutions.
An interesting/funny fact about yourself: Last July, together with my husband, we reached the Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro as part of our charitable climb, we raised money for a maternity clinic in Kibera slums in Africa, the funny part here is - it was an idea of a present to my husband's 40th birthday...after the hike he admitted he was already worried about his next BD gift.

Dr. Virginie Rhein

Job title and Company: project manager, F. Hoffmann - La Roche Ltd.
Role within HBA: committee lead,  programming
From: France
When and why I joined: In 2017, to be part of an inspiring, dynamic and sharing healthcare life science business association dedicated to gender parity. 
Vision and ambition for HBA Basel: To be a driving force, which combines purpose with passion to build strong and diverse leaders 
Interesting fact about me: Dressage horse rider

Kristy Jenner


Job title and Company: Roche - team assistant global access - GPS 
Role within HBA: Committee member, programming 
Where you are from originally: Originally from South Africa, love the outdoors. Nothing better then being in the bush with my friends and family having a Braai, a good laugh and watching a beautiful African sunset.
When and why you joined: Moved to Switzerland three and half years ago to further my career, very driven and love to travel. I am a very happy, fun loving person who will always stand up for what I believe in, the HBA is the perfect avenue to empower women from around the world to follow their dreams and aspirations.
Vision and ambition for HBA Basel: To encourage women to always reach for their dreams and to be empowered by all the incredible women that are standing at their side in support. Change never happens if you accept the status quo.
Interesting fact about me: I am a big sports fan especially South African Rugby - I am an extreme F.R.I.E.N.D.S addict.

Estefanía Córdova García


Job title, Company: associate consultant, CTC Resourcing
Role within HBA: committee member, marketing and communications 
Where you are from originally: Mexico
When and why you joined: July 2018, among other reasons, I want to collaborate within an organization that can bring awareness into the challenges and the glass ceiling women find through their careers.
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel: Increase the awareness about the association working closely with more companies from research centers to biotechs and big pharmas in the area.
An interesting/funny fact about yourself: learnt to ride a bike just last year.

Shilpy Joshi, PhD

Job title, Company: clinical data manager, IQVIA
Role within HBA: committee member, Marketing and communications 
Where you are from originally: I am originally from India and have lived in several cities in France and Netherlands.
When and why you joined: I joined HBA Basel in June 2018 during the members and volunteers orientation event. Common Interests and vision helped connect very quickly with HBA, so the decision to join as a volunteer was instantaneous.
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel: Work for the shared vision of gender parity. As more women are reaching top positions in corporate sector, they often need mentors who can can guide them to go on the uncharted paths. Be able to provide a platform where women leaders can share their experiences, build on their skills and find mentors. To achieve this, I would love HBA Basel to continue to tap into great resource of successful women leaders in Basel area and work together with them to build a strong network.
An interesting/funny fact about yourself: Want to wear many different hats in life- a few being  TV show anchor, part-time comedian, writer, storyteller & classical Indian dance student- essentially a crowd-puller.

Artemis Athanasiou 


Job title, Company: training lead global product strategy, Roche
Role within HBA: Volunteer 
Where you are from originally: Greece
When and why you joined: April 2018, To expand my business network in the healthcare Industry in Switzerland 
Your vision, ambition for HBA Basel: To build a  cross-company strong network of business professionals in the healthcare industry 
An interesting/funny fact about yourself: I am a wine lover and also enjoy watching historical and political movies and series. 

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