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Meet the Volunteers of HBA Berlin

To get an idea of our chapter you might have a look at our dear volunteers who fill the chapter with life.

Katja, HBA Berlin President 
After attending the European Leadership Summit in Berlin in 2018, I joined the HBA as a member and volunteer. Besides inspiring lectures and exciting workshops, you know what convinced me the most? For me, knowing nobody, it was so easy to start conversations as I was warmly welcomed at every table or group I approached. I never experienced anything alike and I still see this openness, support, and integrating culture as a key strength of the HBA.

I supported programming and marketing, learned a lot, tried new things, met wonderful women, had fun, was inspired, and enjoyed my growing network. 

In my role as President of HBA Berlin, I oversee the creation of the chapter's strategic and annual plan, establish key priorities, and set the vision and key strategic initiatives in collaboration with the chapter board. Additionally, I work with the HBA Europe region council, HBA central (based in the U.S.), and the chapter's executive committee on overarching strategic initiatives.

As HBA members we all believe in our vision of a future where gender equality and diversity are not just an agenda item but our foundation. Additionally, we asked ourselves what the HBA means to us personally in HBA Berlin. Inspiration, networking, trusting interaction, a protected space to develop and grow, interchange, and professional success is what we defined.

This morning, before starting my day-to-day work, I wrote a LinkedIn post following a successful event hosted by our chapter. I thanked the speakers, our corporate partner, and especially the volunteers who developed, planned, moderated and communicated this event. I am always inspired by the passion and energy every single volunteer brings to the table. I feel so proud of what we achieve and believe that we really can make an impact.

Kati, HBA Berlin VP 
The HBA is a great partner in encouraging colleagues to take charge of their careers and also gives them the opportunity to gain more experience and try things out through volunteering, educational programmes and mentorships.

Colleagues then bring these skills back to the organisations and use them to approach problems differently, step out of their comfort zone and take on projects and tasks they might not have dared to do before. The HBA also provides a variety of opportunities to engage virtually, regardless of where a colleague is based. 

Corporate Partners empower the women in your organisation with proven opportunities for leadership development and growth. They support them in networking and strengthen relationships with organisations across the health industry.

Among other things, partnering with the HBA helps to create a fulfilling and inclusive workplace for women.

Janine, HBA Berlin Marketing and Communications Director
I joined the HBA in 2019 as a volunteer in marketing and communications before I took over the role of Director at Large, Marketing and Communications for HBA Berlin some months later.

Besides informing on upcoming events, training and networking sessions our goal is to keep the discussion going on gender equality and making great female leaders more visible in our community. It's a great chance for creative minds to experiment with digital channels, video content, and social media campaigns, to reach as many women working in the healthcare industry as possible. How to best reach our target group? How to write meaningful posts and tell stories that make people stick? These are questions we explore, and we learn a lot about current trends and strategies.

Digital analytics plays an important part as we analyze the success of our campaigns. Our Marketing and Communications teams consist of three volunteers, Daniela, Julia, and myself. We are always looking for new members who would like to spread the word and tell their stories. So, if you have a great story to tell or you would like to join the Marketing and Communications team, just contact us. Supporting the HBA is a great opportunity for networking, personal development, and getting higher visibility. Follow us. Discuss with us. Join us. 

Jutta, HBA Berlin Operations Director
As the chapter operations director, I am the central point of contact for volunteer management, the chapter’s administrative practices, and board organization. I host our monthly Jour Fix and at times do workshops to drive ideas and self-organization. 

It is a huge pleasure to see how we grow together as a team and as individuals.

Susan, HBA Berlin Programming Director
We bring exciting and current topics into event concepts - we also listen to our participants. Discussing, learning and further training are the points that are in focus. Active networking is also important to us so that we can get to know each other and learn about different knowledge, experiences, and career paths.

Jacinta, HBA Berlin Volunteer Engagement Director 
To help to drive change, be part of the change by becoming a member and a volunteer. Engagement can be shaped to suit your individual needs.





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