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Total Leadership: How to be a Better Leader and Have a Richer Life

Work. Family. Community. Self. “Total Leadership: How to be a Better Leader and Have a Richer Life” was the theme at the HBA Metro Chapter evening seminar held at Merck on Dec. 7th.

Post-Event Article
December 7, 2009

Written by Jodi Elliott

Work. Family. Community. Self. “Total Leadership: How to be a Better Leader and Have a Richer Life” was the theme at the HBA Metro Chapter evening seminar held at Merck on Dec. 7th.

Julie Kampf opened the evening seminar by introducing Muna Bhanji, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Merck Oncology and the co-chair of the Merck Women's Global Constituency Group. “At Merck,” relayed Muna, “we develop products that are used around the world. It is important to develop women’s leadership skills that are used at the national and international level. The HBA has been integral in developing the agenda for Merck’s leadership summit.” After the Merck introduction, Julie presented the volunteer award to Sabine Aslan for her efforts with Tomorrow’s Executives and her work with other projects with the HBA Metro Chapter. Mary Cobb, Director of the HBA Metro Chapter’s Corporate Relations, then spoke of the chapter’s commitment in working together with the corporate partners and providing structure as they develop their female talent.

Stew Friedman from The Wharton School and Total Leadership, Inc. subsequently engaged the audience as he presented topics from his book, “Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life.” “With Total Leadership, you are able to improve performance in all parts of life.” Dr. Friedman has shared his approach and insight with large and small companies in the U.S. and internationally. Total Leadership is based on the concept of the four-way view that covers the four key aspects of life: work/career, home/family, community/society, self (mind/body/spirit). You need to assess the importance, focus, satisfaction, and performance in each domain.

Dr. Friedmann shared, “In thinking about how you currently balance work, home, community, and self today, you may find that on any given day, you are focused on one or two domains, and then struggle with balance of the other domains. B y focusing on one-way wins, the result is either poor performance or poor satisfaction in one or more of the areas. You may also feel more stress in dealing with the lack of balance. On the other hand, with four-way wins, you have solid performance and high satisfaction in all domains. The positive energy from one domain spills over into another domain. This can be very invigorating as well.”

“What kind of leadership do we need now?” asked Dr. Friedmann. He exclaimed, “we need a new kind of leadership that mobilizes people toward a personal leadership vision. One that focuses on results in all domains of life and harmony among them; to be able to influence all levels and in all domains; and to demonstrate integrity, authenticity, and creativity.”

Dr. Friedmann suggested engaging a coach to assist you with your personal four-way view. A coach will have a more objective view to assess your situation and to provide assistance as you make improvements in each domain so that you can achieve four-way wins. During the seminar, we selected a coach sitting near us – someone that we didn’t know – to begin our journey towards four-way wins. With each assessment, participants found that they may be spending too much time in one domain and not enough time in another domain. Our coach provided an objective assessment so that we could begin to take ‘baby steps’ toward improvement. Coaches would check back about every two to three weeks. For those who were unable to attend the seminar, you can select your own personal coach to get started with Total Leadership.

As the seminar progressed, Dr. Friedmann explained the practice of Total Leadership. The Total Leadership program is a systematic, flexible approach for creating measurable, sustainable change to improve performance in all parts of life:

  1. Be Real – act with authenticity by clarifying what’s important
  2. Be Whole – act with integrity by respecting the whole person
  3. Be Innovative – act with creativity by experimenting with how things get done
  4. Reflect and Grow

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Friedmann walked through several ‘Total Leadership Experiments’ that we could try on our own to produce four-way wins. As with any experiment, some may work well and with others, you may need to try a few variations. Talk with your coach and discuss the experiment you’d like to try. Then check back with your coach to review the results of the experiment and schedule new experiments.

The 9 “Total Leadership Experiments” follow:

  1. Tracking and Reflecting
  2. Planning and Organizing
  3. Rejuvenating and Restoring
  4. Appreciating and Caring
  5. Focusing and Concentrating
  6. Revealing and Engaging
  7. Time-shifting and Re-placing
  8. Delegating and Developing
  9. Exploring and Venturing

For example, with Planning and Organizing, you can try a new technology or tool for organizing, such as an iPhone App, creating “to do” lists that involve all domains. This may help you with time management, to prepare and plan for the future, and to give you a sense of control of your four domains. With Rejuvenating and Restoring, you can try a new exercise program such taking Salsa lessons instead of your current routine of going to the gym/health club. Being creative and experimenting with each of the areas can be fun, invigorating, and rewarding to produce four-way wins

To summarize, the experiments should:

  • Increase results, satisfaction of stakeholder expectations
  • Mobilize support to achieve goals that matter
  • Find new ways of creating mutual value among domains
  • Enhance your authenticity, integrity, and creativity

We’d like to thank Dr. Friedman from The Wharton School and Total Leadership, Inc. for this inspirational leadership seminar. We look forward to making changes in our own leadership approach in the New Year so that we can also find ways to become a better leader and have a richer life. If you would like to learn more about Total Leadership, connect via PC or mobile.

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