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Recap of the HBA Metro chapter March 6 meeting

On Wednesday, March 6th, the HBA Metro chapter officially kicked off our 2013 Circle of Advisor program for executive women. We had approximately 30 participants, coaches, volunteers and guests in attendance to support the women in this year’s program. The Circle of Advisor program allows our executive women to join in groups of 3-5 women with a certified executive coach to address business, personal and career goals in a safe and conducive environment to allow our participants to achieve their aspirations during this six month program. This program is only available within the HBA Metro chapter and all participants and volunteers must be HBA members.

Our featured presenter for the evening was Jacqualyn Fouse, CFO, Celgene who shared her career experiences, opportunities and successes. We also had members from a circle from last year’s pilot program share their words of advice to the current 2013 circle participants.

Special thanks goes to Linda Calandra, Diana Galer, Maddie Hunter, Donna Conforti, Wendy Mantel, and Sarita Felder for providing their support and expertise in ensuring that this year’s program is a huge success.

We wish our Circle of Advisor members all the best in achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

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