3/25 Event recap: Life at the Corner Office with Nancy Lurker | HBA

3/25 Event recap: Life at the Corner Office with Nancy Lurker

The HBA Metro chapter Executive Women’s Outreach committee presented the first executive womens’ breakfast of the year on March 25, entitled Life at the Corner Office with Nancy Lurker. Nancy is an accomplished CEO in the healthcare industry, presently CEO of PDI, Inc, a healthcare commercialization company. In an open and inspiring conversation, Nancy Lurker talked about being a CEO, the demands of the corner office as compared to other executive positions and the personal challenges in rising to the top.

In addition to her views on how to achieve business success, she also shared the insights on how to architect and lead a company turn-around. She provided candid comments on being a CEO, and being ultimately responsible for the company’s fate, the requirements of investors and the challenges on working with boards and executive teams.

Mrs. Lurker also discussed the personal pressures and the personal journey climbing the ladder. A key piece of advice was to know what you want, focus and go for it. As for brands, the message on who you are needs to be simple and clear. Vague and open-ended approaches are unconvincing; one needs to decide. Nancy also provided her view on dealing with career, children and partnership and how compromises need to be made or something is going to give. In the same way that behind a great man there is a great woman supporting him, behind a great woman there is also a great man supporting her. 

The next executive women breakfast will be on June 9 at Celgene in Summit, NJ with the topic: Corporate Board Membership: Rewards, Risks and Realities.

Nancy Lurker HBA Metro chapter

Nancy Lurker, during the introductory remarks and Silvia Codony, moderator.

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