HBA Metro chapter member Adele Gulfo honored by Fairleigh Dickinson University | HBA

HBA Metro chapter member Adele Gulfo honored by Fairleigh Dickinson University

HBA Metro chapter member Adele Gulfo honored by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

HBA Metro chapter member Adele Gulfo, EVP and head of global colaboration and strategic operations at Mylan Pharmaceuticals, was honored by Fairleigh Dickinson University. Adele, who earned an MBA at FDU, was presented the Pinnacle award in a ceremony on June 6, 2014. HBA's 2003 Woman of the Year Catherine Sohn, PharmD, president of Sohn Health Strategies, LLC read this citiation:Cathy Sohn reads citation

“While most people choose the more traveled path, you gravitate toward the path less traveled. While most people shy away from taking risks, you embrace them. And while most people stick to the things they know, you welcome new challenges. It’s those qualities that have fueled your rise to becoming one of the most senior executives in the pharmaceutical industry.

Trained as scientist, you began your career at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. From there you elected to transition from the research of science to the business of science. By taking the path that was most uncertain, you have achieved your many significant successes and brought important medicines to patients around the world. 

For instance, early on in your career, you took an assignment to work on a brand that was an unknown. That unknown brand became the world’s best-selling medicine brand. Its name? Lipitor. You were instrumental in the launch and commercial success of Lipitor at Pfizer.

While at Pfizer, you went on to the leadership position of president and general manager of the US Primary Care business unit, and under your leadership, the business generated more than $13 billion in revenue.  

Following that, you served as regional president of Latin America in Pfizer’s Emerging Markets business unit where you led a team of more than 4,000 colleagues operating across two dozen countries. Under your direction, the Latin American business achieved more than $3 billion in revenue, making it the largest revenue generator within the unit.

Prior to joining Pfizer, you led AstraZeneca’s multi-billion dollar cardiovascular business. Among your many achievements, you grew Toprol-XL sales from $200 million to $2 billion and launched the cholesterol-lowering medicine Crestor, growing it to a more than $2 billion product. You later became vice president of business development, innovation and design for launch at Astra-Zeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Today you serve as executive vice president and head of global collaboration and strategic operations for Mylan, one of the world’s leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies, with sales in 140 countries and territories. As a member of the executive leadership team, you focus on Mylan’s key growth drivers, including the company’s expansion line in Latin America, the development and expansion of its global specialty franchise and the development of global commercial strategies.

Your success is rooted in your integrity, your science background, and your leadership skills. You accept challenges as opportunities.   

You live by the phrase, “if you’re not standing on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

You are a gifted woman and widely respected pharmaceutical industry executive. You have been awarded five US patents for innovative packaging. You are a sought after speaker at industry and business conferences including The Wall Street Journal’s “Women in Economy,” and you have been featured in Fortune, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

Still, you find time to give back and serve on the board of directors for Volunteers of America – Greater New York, and the Committee of 200, the world’s premier women’s business leadership organization.

For your outstanding acheivements, willingness to take the path less traveled, and commitment to all tha tyou do, Falrleigh Dickinson salutes you with the Pinnacle. Congratulations my friend."

Adele and Cathy at FDUThe Pinnacle award was introduced by Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1989 to formally recognize and acknowledge the contributions and achievements of its most distinguished alumni. More than 100,000 FDU alumni have enriched and improved society through their work, volunteer activities and personal actions. The annual class of The Pinnacle is chosen by past inductees, based on the following criteria: success or distinction in one’s chosen field of endeavor; significant contributions to society and humanity through public or humanitarian service; and outstanding service to the University or reflection of the unique character of FDU in one’s life.


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