HBA Metro chapter Fit to Lead program introduction and innaugural event - dragon boat race | HBA

HBA Metro chapter Fit to Lead program introduction and innaugural event - dragon boat race

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Metro chapter is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative, Fit to Lead, and an inaugural event designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration.

It’s no secret that today’s successful businesswoman is expected to sustain high performance in the face of increasing pressure and rapid change. Because of this, many organizations embrace overall fitness and its link to productivity and overall achievement. "For girls and women, sport provides the opportunity to experience decision-making, teamwork and self-determination. Sport offers a common ground for all people to share history and support one another". -Anita DeFrantz, international Olympic committee, member and chair of IOC's Women and Sport Commission.  EYGM 2013.

Recognizing these challenges, trends and benefits, the HBA Metro chapter, which serves New York, New Jersey and Connecticut geography, is committed to making this initiative a huge success. Fit to Lead is an innovative program that has the philosophy of “management from within” as its core value. Fit to Lead events will compliment the existing exceptional programming members come to expect from the HBA.

Paddle, push, persevere: Overcoming challenges together
The HBA Metro chapter inaugural event for Fit to Lead will be on August 12 at 5:30 PM at the Buck’s County Dragon Boat Association Boat House at 156 South Main Street in New Hope, PA. It will surely be an event to remember—dragon boat racing down the Delaware River. Dragon boat racing is a very popular activity that originated in southern central China 2,500 years ago. Venerating the dragon deity was meant to avert misfortune and encourage rainfall essential to an agrarian society during hot summer months. Today, it is one of the fastest growing international team water sports in the world and a fun and healthy outdoor activity that requires teamwork and determination.

Because this event is so unusual and involves stepping into a boat that traverses the water, dragon boat racing requires one to persevere, be efficient and dependent on your team.

A typical dragon boat holds up to 20 paddlers in pairs, a drummer and a steersperson. Dragon boating is an interactive activity that has a dash of culture and a large dose of competition. Winning aside, it’s all about fun, fitness and friendship.

“Reading a book or attending a seminar on leadership or teamwork has its merits, but this live event provides tangible, hands-on experience with others to meet a common goal,” says Denise Sena, director of the HBA Metro chapter Fit to Lead program. “That’s why we chose it for our inaugural teambuilding event. Those who have experienced dragon boat racing will say that it was a fun, life changing hour on the water that had enduring benefits that lasted long after the last stroke of the paddle. Some describe the energy as “meditative” or “spiritual”.”

With the help of our event partners, Buck’s County Dragon Boat Association (BCDBA), the HBA Metro chapter will assemble at 156 South Main Street New Hope, PA 18938. The BCDBA and RDBA will work with all participants to help everyone become the best paddler they can be.

The HBA wishes to thank its sponsors for helping to make this event possible:

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Program learning objectives
1. Learn the skills needed to operate a dragon boat in a manner that emphasizes teamwork and alignment to a common objective
2. Emphasize importance of roles and accountabilities when working in a team
3. Reflect on how to transfer the specific qualities necessary or success in sports, an how they can be applied successfully in the workplace

About the HBA
The HBA is celebrating its 35th anniversary as a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering the advancement of women in healthcare worldwide. With 15 chapters throughout the US and in Europe, the HBA serves a community of over 30,000 individuals and 100 Corporate Partners. The HBA provides networking forums to build relationships; knowledge sharing and access to thought leaders to broaden perspective; educational programs to develop leadership skills and cutting edge industry knowledge and recognition of outstanding women and companies to promote visibility of their achievements.

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