Join the HBA Metro chapter for a webinar on 3/17 | HBA

Join the HBA Metro chapter for a webinar on 3/17

It Will Happen to You: Thriving During Mergers, Acquisitions and Organizational Change
Webinar: Tuesday,  March 17, 2015, 12 PM ET

The rate of mergers and acquisitions in pharma and biotech is dizzying. Pfizer acquired Pharmacia and then Wyeth. Merck bought Schering-Plough. Roche merged with Genentech.  Novartis and GSK exchanged divisions. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, chances are it will and when you least expect it. Are you ready? After a merger, job loss and uncertainty are employee’s biggest concerns. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing or restructuring can make your job much more difficult due to this inherent uncertainty. Plus, what you need to do to be ready for corporate change also makes you ready for changes like . . . promotions.

How can you maintain balance and connectedness while you continue to deliver your best performance and drive the business forward? By being prepared and proactive, having a strategy and stepping up, even in difficult times, you can make your work count; and, you can succeed in the new environment.

This HBA Metro chapter webinar will help you survive and thrive during organizational change, mergers and acquisitions. This webinar will help you prepare for major changes and be ready whenever they are announced. We will practice how to remain composed in the moment and learn how to be seen as a strong leader during the transition. Together we will discover how to facilitate communications and relationships among colleagues, maintain positive business momentum, anticipate future conditions and handle unexpected developments. Join us on March 17 at noon by registering here.

Anne Camille TalleyAnne Camille Talley is the principal of Health Leaders Consultancy, a practice that specializes in market research, professional development, speaking and writing. Anne Camille speaks regularly about career advancement and how individuals can be well positioned for advancement, mergers, acquisitions and other changes. She is the author or coauthor of four major HBA studies about how individuals advance careers and succeed at leadership. Anne Camille served two terms on the HBA global board and was honored with the 2008 HBA Strategic Transformation Achievement Recognition (S.T.A.R.) award.

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