Happy new year and greetings from HBA Metro president Gerarda Collins | HBA

Happy new year and greetings from HBA Metro president Gerarda Collins

Dear HBA Metro,

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and had a chance to unwind and relax. During our time off, I had a chance to think about what I wanted for 2016. It is one word: appreciation. I realized how much I appreciated the time with family and friends and having the opportunity to cook and bake for them. 

From our volunteer event in December, I was able to recognize our amazing volunteers, board members and staff, Lauren Peck. I truly appreciate all that they do for the HBA and supporting the growth of women. Also, I truly appreciate all that you give to supporting the development of women and the continued growth of the HBA. I hope you join me this year in showing appreciation each day.

HBA Metro’s way of showing our appreciation to you is to make 2016 an amazing year with more HBA member-only events, webinars and exciting evening programs. The 2016 mentoring program has plans to create even more value so if you ever wanted to be part of a mentoring program, now is the time to enroll. Our Circle of Advisors, for executive women, is also open for applications and aims to serve our executive membership just as well as previous years. Join us for upcoming Fit-to-Lead programs and find out how by taking care of ourselves we can become even better. Keep an eye on your HBA emails in 2016 for more information on these and other exciting offerings.

Volunteer - Give back skills that you have or develop new ones. I cannot say enough about how volunteering with the HBA has changed my life. Not only have I met amazing people, but also it has forced me to stretch in ways that I had not thought possible.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016,

Gerarda Collins
President – HBA Metro

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