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HBA Boston Q2 CAP awards

The HBA Boston board of directors have awarded three local volunteers the Q2 Contribution and Participation (CAP) award: Congratulations Hila Bahar, Maggie Ying and Wei Ming Wong.
Hila Bahar has been selected for this award due to her commitment and success in the corporate relations committee. For example, Hila was able to gain Novartis’ commitment to providing space for the July program just in time. At Pfizer, she enabled HBA Boston to leverage the relationship established at the corporate level, organizing a highly successful meeting with the BOD and key Pfizer stakeholders and supporting the Pfizer sponsorship of the signature event at the platinum level. In a short time, Hila has made a tremendous impact and helped corporate relations build relationships with key partners. Congratulations on a well-deserved award, Hila. 
Wei Ming Wong is being recognized both for her contributions in her role as treasurer and for her terrific work on the mentoring committee. On the mentoring committee, Wei’s positive “can do” attitude, excellent critical thinking skills and being ready to go the extra mile is very much appreciated. Additionally, she has been an excellent sub-team lead and mentor to the events sub-team lead. It has been wonderful having Wei at the helm of the HBA Boston finances; she is a timely, clear and concise communicator, and has illuminated the financial performance of the chapter in a way that makes the information understandable and actionable. Wei’s willingness and ability to step into this role mid-cycle with a seemingly effortless grace was much appreciated by each and every member of the board. Congratulations, Wei and we look forward to our work together in the coming year.
Maggie Ying stepped up this year to lead the very busy events sub-team on the mentoring committee, and has been working hard to make sure the events are executed flawlessly. She always makes sure the details are in place and keeps the team updated on progress. Despite time pressure, many questions and probing, Maggie maintains a positive and easygoing attitude and is always smiling while at the same time efficiently ensuring that everything is in place and ready to go. Maggie is a true pleasure to work with, always there when needed and willing to go the extra step – a reliable and excellent team lead. Congratulations on a well-deserved award, Maggie. 

(Pictured L-R) Elisabeth Piquet (Q1 2016 winner), Hila Bahar, Maggie Ying, Brenda Fung (2015 winner), Stephanie Whelan (2015 winner). Not pictured: Wei Ming Wong

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