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HBA Boston ambassador program wins Innovation award

The HBA Boston board of directors is very pleased to announce the HBA Boston ambassador program won the 2016 Innovation award. This award recognizes an individual or group who has demonstrated commitment, passion and a drive for results and whose outcome created a new process, product, service or level of recognition for the HBA that has or will have a positive benefit to the association and/or its chapter operations.

The HBA ambassador program was piloted in Boston in 2012. It engaged a small number of internal volunteers at Corporate Partners in the Boston area to design and execute targeted programming. In the four years since its inception, the program has proven highly successful, providing immense value to members and Corporate Partners. It has resulted in:

  • increased member engagement and numbers
  • increased Corporate Partner support
  • increased sponsorship and engagement with HBA

HBA CEO Laurie Cooke states “the ambassador program is a critical means to embed the HBA into an organization”, and described it as a “real building block for the HBA of future.”

Because of its success in Boston, the ambassador program will be rolled out to all chapters in 2018.

The HBA Boston board of directors congratulate the following chapter and board members for their hard work, vision and commitment to the ambassador program and the HBA: Amina Lobban (Boston), Bonnie Lappin (FL), Danielle Littee (Boston), Krista McKerracher (Metro), Morgan King (Boston), Lisa Morris (Greater Philadelphia), Susan McPherson (Boston) and Tina Stiles (Boston).



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