Spotlight on a Rising Star: Emily Wert | HBA

Spotlight on a Rising Star: Emily Wert

With the “Spotlight on a Rising Star” series, we want to learn more about the people behind the award. In this second interview, we talked with Emily Wert. Emily is the manager, marketing and communications for ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research. She was awarded her Star in 2017.

1. Please tell us a bit about your background.
I graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2011 with a bachelor of arts—majoring in Spanish and minoring in business administration and mathematics. I joined the ISPOR team at the very beginning of 2012 and have been working for ISPOR now for over six years. My roles and responsibilities have spanned exhibit/sponsor/symposia support, to conference-focused marketing and promotion, to overall enterprise-wide marketing and communications.

2. Your award is significant for your company, as you’re the first person to win this award. What do you feel are the three key traits of yours that lead to your award?
I am truly honored to have received this award, and to have been the first person from my organization to be nominated. ISPOR has an amazing team who all deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the organization’s success and to the healthcare field. It is tough for me to say exactly what key traits of mine lead my organization to select me for this award, but I would say:
Forward thinking:
I am a believer that if the answer to a question is “because that’s how we’ve always done it,” then it might be a good time to challenge the thinking behind it and consider change. And I’m a curious person who asks questions.
I also try my best to understand all facets of the organization and how everything fits together as it gives me a better knowledge platform for fulfilling my responsibilities and asking the questions needed to make sure everything ties together.
I exude positive energy as much as possible in the workplace. There are always going to be not-so-good days and so-so days mixed in with the good ones, and focusing positively keeps things moving forward.
I also believe that enthusiasm can dictate ambition. Being enthusiastic about what you do, as well as toward project opportunities, gives that extra inner motivation to jump right in, take on more, and strive to always do your best.
No one knows everything. Recognizing that decisions often require input from multiple stakeholders who all have varying perspectives is important. What is even more important is respecting those varying perspectives and considering them in the discussion.
I also trying to connect with colleagues on a more personal level and genuinely getting to know them, goes a long way professionally. It creates a feeling of having a support system and “cheerleaders” throughout the office. It also opens up communication channels that can be really important for idea-sharing and innovation.

3. What advice do you have as you pass the star to the next class?
Soak it in. Feel good about yourself for being recognized by your organization as a role model, a leader, a team player, a contributor and more. Lead by example and have confidence in yourself and pride in your work.

4. How are you going to stay connected to the HBA?
I am still fairly new to the HBA, so I’m going to get more involved. The opportunity to attend special sessions hosted by companies nearby is a valuable offering. I also hope to attend the WOTY event again as that was a wonderful experience last year, and if the annual conference ever does not overlap with my organization’s annual European conference then I would love to attend that as well.
5. The HBA 2017 theme was Transforming with G.R.I.T. (Gratitude. Resilience. Influence. Tenacity) Which one of these did you focus on in 2017? Why?
I focused on tenacity—I like the power behind the word. Seize opportunities, challenge yourself, go for gold, and be courageous.

6. What technology or application has been the most impactful to your career?
The default reminder app from iOS. It might sound silly, but that reminder app (and the fact that it can be voice-controlled and the alerts stay on your screen until you mark them as completed) has helped me keep my sanity through really busy times. I’m a person of lists, and always thinking of what is next, so this has been a lifesaver.
7. And last question: What is your 2018 word of intent?
Confidence. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed and achieve great things.
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