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Being career ready is crucial

The healthcare industry is complex and ever-evolving. On one hand, you see a flurry of mergers and acquisitions and on the other, depending on the success (or not) of the organization, there are involuntary lay-offs or mass opportunities for growth. Navigating your career within this environment can be overwhelming but the worst thing you can do is not be prepared.

What does being career ready mean? Think of it as “career-by-design” instead of “career-by-default.” You have the power over your own career. Not every transition may be what is expected, but being prepared to seize the opportunity or navigate the transition gives you the advantage. Talented professionals seek opportunities to move up, move over or sometimes move on.    


Your network. The value of your network can be equated with the value of your bankbook. There is power in building relationships in this industry with those that you trust. Those critical people you can speak with in periods of transition – your champions, offering advice and referrals to new connections and opportunities.    

The truth is your network should always be evolving and changing as you progress in your career. To be truly career-ready, you should actively make it a priority to expand your network. Here are simple steps to move towards that goal:

  1. Find an event near you today that allows you to build new relationships – that are relevant to your industry.
  2. Develop and practice your elevator pitch – everyone should have one.
  3. Be prepared to ask your network questions – Advice, information or referrals (AIR)
  4. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable – Be willing to say “yes” to opportunities through your network that seem scary.
  5. Always have business cards with you. You never know where or when you will make that next connection.

How do you get started? HBA Boston is hosting a ConnectCafé on Tuesday, 10 April at 7:30 AM at Forma Therapeutics in Watertown. Kick-start your day with an energizing round of speed networking to connect and engage more deeply with local healthcare businesswomen.