Meet the New HBA Fairfield County. We Are a United Force for Change. | HBA

Meet the New HBA Fairfield County. We Are a United Force for Change.

Dear HBA Fairfield County,

Happy spring! The spring season signals transformation. The temperature rises and plants flower and grow.  Along with mother nature’s transformations that occur in spring, we are transforming too. As you may have read in the recent newsletter, our HBA geography has moved to a new organizational structure of smaller chapters governed by smaller chapter boards, overseen by a regional council and guided by Centers of Excellence.  

As the president of the HBA Fairfield County, CT chapter, I can assure you that we will maintain a focus on serving the needs of the members in the Fairfield County, CT area, as well as helping our volunteers achieve their development goals and realize their full potential. Looking to the year ahead, we have:  

  • Increased networking social events - to help you build your network and establish the mentoring and sponsoring relationships that are so crucial to your success. 
  • Developed impactful programs - to help further your advancement and impact in healthcare.   Topics include achieving gender parity, building business acumen, and using mindset to optimize productivity and satisfaction.  
  • Provided more volunteer opportunities - smaller in scope, thereby taking less time and allowing you to participate as a volunteer and build the skill sets that you may not be able to build through your employer.

Only you have the power to embrace all that the HBA has to offer. I’m excited by the opportunities that lie before us. You have a strong, committed team ready to support your needs. If you have any comments, questions, and/or would like to volunteer, please reach out to us

“We are a united force for change, and this is only the beginning.” -Laurie Cooke, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association CEO

Best Regards,

Alexis Stroud
HBA Fairfield County president