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HBA Connect: Cocktails and Conversations on Gender Parity

It may have been hot in London last week, but it could not compare with the energy in the SAMA Bankside on 5 July, Thursday evening. 

Members of HBA London gathered for Cocktails and Conversations, a networking event that welcomed more than 40 people and resulted in great ideas, new friends, and a host of conversations that are sure to change the world! After all, that is what happens when we come together and seek to support and encourage one another in our professional and personal ambitions.

Hosted by Lundbeck Ltd, Andrew Jackson, commercial director, welcomed attendees and reinforced the importance of connections among groups like the HBA: 

“Events like these are highly important to accelerate the impact that women should have in the healthcare industry, as well as being a fantastic forum for people to exchange new ideas and build new relationships.”

He and his colleague, Stuart, were a welcome addition to the group as the only two men but clearly in support of the objectives of the HBA. 

Andrew Jackson, commercial director at Lundbeck Ltd

“It was great to see so many people join us for an evening of lively discussion,” says Andreea Apostol, president of HBA London. “Networking and self-promotion is a critical aspect of our professional life and a core competency we strive to develop through the HBA, and Conversations and Cocktails went a long way toward that and of course, it was also a lot of fun.”

Special thanks to Laura Coyle, HBA London volunteer, for leading the event organization and for her efforts to raise awareness of the HBA within her own company.

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