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HBA Chicago - Northern Suburbs August Message From the Board

Hello HBA Members,

August is the month we celebrate our volunteers. Check your local chapters for volunteer events being scheduled for August. 

Volunteering is at the core of the HBA mission and provides our membership with the forum to build deeper relationships, experiential training and an opportunity contribute to the growth of female leaders in the healthcare space. I have been an HBA member since 2002, but only an active volunteer for the past seven years.  Stepping in from a member to a volunteer has transformed my development and has proven invaluable by creating life-long relationships that will support me both personally and professionally throughout the coming years. It was through this HBA Board participation that gave me the inspiration to create a vision for the next phase of my career.  

In the Northern Chicago-land region, we are experiencing massive upheaval in our healthcare employment landscape. There have been mergers and acquisitions of both pharmaceutical firms and hospital networks that have changed our employment opportunities. There are no sacred cows or companies too big to prevent this dynamic from occurring. Gone are the days of long-term stability within one firm, and all employees should expect change - lots of it. Many pharmaceutical firms are moving their headquarters out of this area which purges hundreds of skilled employees into a dwindling job market. During my board service, several fellow board members and volunteers within HBA Chicago - Northern Suburbs were impacted by these events. These powerful, intelligent, high ranking women found themselves without employment during what should have been some of their highest-earning years. 

Firstly, the networks and connections they built within the HBA and their volunteering were instrumental in broadening their network and landing their next opportunity. Secondly, this was a huge lesson for me. Watching these women move through those events reinforced that I was on the right track by converting a hobby I enjoyed into a back-up plan for my career. These efforts are now coming to fruition and my debut novel is to be launched on 1 October, anyone can go and order the book any time after 22 August (search for Hopey – The Story of How I Made it From Commune to a Corner Office; on Amazon). I hope to speak at a few HBA chapters about the key lessons I learned that can help anyone be successful regardless of their circumstances.   

This would not have been possible without the close connections fostered through the HBA volunteering. My HBA friends supported me while I wrote the book, they cheered me on by providing testimonials for the book and now they are helping me share it with you. Thank you fellow HBA members and volunteers for all you have done to help my success and that of many women across the world. If you are not yet engaged in a committee, I cannot stress strongly enough how powerful it is. You’ll create lasting relationships that will help you grow in your leadership and support you through your personal goals. Join a committee today.



Hope Mueller, vice president, quality
Horizon Therapeutics