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HBA St. Louis - Champion Optimization 

On 16 July, HBA St. Louis featured an incredible event at the new Microsoft Technology Center. The event highlighted the importance of maximizing your reach and influence through career champions. These champions can open doors to new networks and career options. But also, are essentially in providing varying perspectives with challenges and day-to-day functions.

Speaker panel:

The panel, led by Trish Lollo, president of Barnes-Jewish West County, included a discussion with her personal champions: Yoany Finetti, VP, of patient care services and chief nursing officer, Christina Longnecker, VP of oncology services, and Megan Monahan, executive assistant. They shared how their connections progressed into being champions for one another, as well as providing insight on the overall importance of this role and tips on how to obtain champions, increase connections, and continue to evolve these relationships.

Some tips from the event:

  • If you don’t yet have a champion, get one.
  • It is important to realize that your champions will evolve throughout your career.
  • Seek out champions outside your company/industry to allow insight of other viewpoints.
  • Establish a diverse group of champions (gender/age/etc.) to balance out thoughts and perspective.
  • Create champions from key stakeholders
  • Request feedback from your champions (positive/negative)
  • Utilize different approaches to connect – social media, face-to-face, allow these relationships to develop organically over time.
  • Be sure you are not only establishing champions for yourself, but that you are also building relationships and being champions for others.