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Supporting HBA’s Small Business

Message From the Board, Heather Fenton Liebert

I grew up in a town of 5,000 residents where the main street was lined with small businesses. My mother ingrained in me at an early age, that we should always support our local businesses and the women and men who ran them. They were our neighbors, they supported our schools, churches, etc. and they were a helping hand during hard times. Even now living in a big city like Chicago, I still seek out small businesses; get to know the people who run them and promote them whenever and however I can. So that got me to thinking, aren’t the members of HBA a part of a small business too? Aren’t the women and men of HBA our “neighbors”, “supporters” and “helping hands”?

When we network at HBA events, we are getting to know our neighbors. We get to know what makes them tick, what they are driving towards and possibly what their goals are for the future. Having those conversations can create opportunities for your neighbor to spread the word about how wonderful you are; connect you with another neighbor who needs your skillset or simply speaks to how you benefit your current team or organization. 

As the current HBA Midwest Regional Mentoring Program director, I see how the mentoring program can support the mentees by helping them enhance their talents, skills and capabilities. Supporters who believe in you and want you to succeed can make all the difference in moving forward in your career path.

I know from personal experience when my family had a major health crisis last year, all the members of my committee and the HBA leaders rallied around me to help make sure the mentoring program didn’t miss a beat. I will be forever grateful that I had those helping hands. I was able to concentrate on getting my family well and back on their feet.

So get to know your neighbors, support and promote each other and never be afraid to ask for help because someone will have your back.






Heather Fenton Liebhart
HBA Midwest Regional Mentoring Program director
HBA - Chicago Northern Suburbs