Margie Wohlfrom, Nancy Schankerman and Nikhil Bagadia Named October Volunteers of the Month | HBA

Margie Wohlfrom, Nancy Schankerman and Nikhil Bagadia Named October Volunteers of the Month

HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs is pleased to announce the October Volunteers of the Month, Margie Wohlfrom, Nancy Schankerman and Nikhil Bagadia

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Margie told us: 

“In an organization that has so many amazing men and women, I’m flattered and humbled to receive this award. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of the HBA. From the first event I attended, I realized that the networking and learning opportunities were incredible.  HBA leadership and volunteers are passionate about creating a great experience at every event. The women and men that attend are committed to helping each other learn and grow. I’m excited to be part of the corporate relations committee and to expand the HBA brand into other organizations.”

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Nancy told us: 

“I am honored to join the ranks of the many hard-working and outstanding professionals who have earned the Volunteer of the Month award. For seven years, HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs has been a consistent and meaningful experience for me.  Without a doubt, the best way to learn and grow from the experience is to volunteer on a committee and get involved. Not only have I met tremendous people who have diverse perspectives and expertise, but it’s been a fantastic opportunity to put myself outside of my comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment. HBA volunteers have been some of the most active and committed people with whom I have worked - especially Nikhil and Margie, my partner awardees on the same committee. As a brand marketer at Walgreens, volunteering for the corporate sponsorship committee has allowed me to build my sales skills. I apply what I've learned from the HBA to my day to day work at Walgreens and look forward to continued learning for years to come. Thank you for the opportunity and recognition.”

When asked to share his experience as an HBA volunteer, Nikhil told us: 

“I am honored to be recognized as a "Volunteer of the Month" for the HBA. My experience with the organization has been unique and overwhelmingly positive.

My foray into the HBA was on a whim. Someone "strongly" recommended I attend an event as an opportunity to network. While I was generally aware of the HBA, I had never made the effort to get involved but decided I would give it a try.

Upon arriving, I quickly realized the energy was different than just about any other networking event I had ever attended. Beginning with the fact that I was about one of three men at the meeting. It put me out of my comfort zone but also opened my eyes to the differences that many men likely do not perceive with regard to how women and men interact. The vibe was extremely welcoming, warm and supportive. 

I ended meeting many accomplished women that day and some of these leaders were kind enough to have follow-up discussions with me about my career and just life in general. I realized this type of ethos was consistent with my own values and wanted to get involved.

I believe the HBA has a lot to offer. As a part of the corporate relations committee, I have been partnering with new colleagues--friends--to develop a compelling "pitch" to effectively articulate the HBA's value. Doing so, has helped me grow as a person and leader by making me become more in tune to women's issues, needs and perspectives. Critically, my hope is that some of these efforts will, in some small way, ensure my daughter has access to the best possible environment when her time to join the workforce comes.

I am grateful for the opportunity to support this great organization and urge others to both benefit from and contribute to the mission.”