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Calling all High-Potential Women: a Rare Scholarship in Medtech and Digital Health is Available

A rare scholarship in Medtech and Digital Health is available for an HBA member.

A united effort between the HBA Europe and one of Switzerland’s leading universities in applied sciences has resulted in a rare and precious STEM opportunity. 

HBA Zurich – Zug is offering a subsidised scholarship for the exclusive management training ‘Swiss Biodesign for MedTech Innovators’ (Certificate of Advanced Study, 12 ECTS) designed by ZHAW. 

Based in Zurich, co-trained by Stanford Biodesign Faculty, this rare fellowship opportunity delivers end-to-end design thinking in medical device invention – from observation in the operating theatres of Balgrist University Hospital to a business plan for a patentable product concept. Part-time from January to April 2021, participants will have hands-on experience in identifying potential market opportunities to invent a novel, scalable medical device or digital health solution.

HBA Zurich – Zug will offer a significant subsidy for this fellowship. The successful candidate will contribute only 1/3 of the total cost of this course (4,000 CHF instead of 11,800 CHF). Apart from the standard application process, the following criteria need to be fulfilled: 

  • Maximum five years of work experience (startups, research, clinics, medtech, pharma, IT, or consulting companies)
  • HBA member at the time of application (current non-members may apply for membership online).
  • Cover letter elaborating the following topics:
    • Motivation to enhance or start an entrepreneurial career in medtech or digital health
    • Willingness to contribute to the HBA mission of gender parity in healthcare

Furthermore, the successful candidate will be provided further exposure to the HBA community, in order to spark inspiration for other women in healthcare and STEM.

The combination of the high-prestige and industry expertise of the Swiss Biodesign Faculty and the mission-driven HBA can help convert a priceless idea from one person into a highly-valuable reality for the good of many.

More information about the course can be found on the CAS website.

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For more information about this course contact the program head, Jens Haarmann.

If you need more HBA-specific information, please email us.

The deadline for sending the fellowship application is 1 October 2020.
Please submit the motivation letter, CV and two reference letters via email.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.