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August Chapter Spotlight: HBA Basel

Hello from the Chapter Spotlight, HBA Basel. 
Grüezi von der Chapter Spotlight, HBA Basel.
Bonjour du Chapter Spotlight, HBA Bâle. 
Ciao dal capitolo Spotlight, HBA Basilea. 

"Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make a change.” - Barbara Mikulski, former United States Senator. 

This is why I joined “The HBA – a United Force for Change” more than five years ago. Not only as a member, but immediately as a volunteer since I did not only want to be part of the change, but lead the change.

Alone you go fast. Together we go far. And I am convinced that in order go far, we need diversity. Diversity in all of its aspects; race, gender, ethnicity, religion, training, mindset, sexual orientation. This diversity is exactly what HBA Basel tries to achieve. Our team is very diverse, with women from all over Europe and with different backgrounds. And yes, I said women – indeed we would love to have a team which is also diverse in terms of gender. So to all the men out there: if you would like to volunteer, please reach out. In Basel we are surrounded by a plethora of pharma, biotech, medtech, digital health companies which leads a very diverse member base representing different companies. We try to answer their needs with various events ranging from service design in healthcare, gender parity topics, networking, communication workshops to business angel investing.

Curious to know more and be part of, or even lead the change? Then reach out - we are looking forward to meeting you. Sabine Kressmann, HBA Basel president

Although Switzerland is a very rich and modern country, we ranked 66 among 189 countries regarding women’s workplace rights (source: Women’s Workplace Equality Index and 18 on the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, World Economic Forum). A country-wide women's’ demonstration was organized in 2019 to raise awareness regarding the existing inequalities (#Frauenstreik2019). One of our corporate partners, Roche, again showed strong support of our cause by illuminating their headquarters with the logo of the event on 14 June 2019.

In Basel, besides the events organized in the frame of the HBA, we build a community to facilitate business connections. We provide continuous education which allows each of us to develop new skills and last but not least meeting the members gives us the opportunity to make new friends.  

We are very happy to be the Chapter Spotlight for August. Check out our video to meet us and share a sunny day in Basel... 


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