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HBA Houston – Own Your Power: Break Three Key Habits to Reach Your True Potential 

On Wednesday, 1 July 2020, HBA Houston and the HBA Southwest Region had the pleasure of hosting our first international educational webinar. HBA members and guests from across the US and Europe had the opportunity to participate in an engaging and energetic virtual session with intuitive leader expert, speaker, executive coach and trainer, Judi Glova.  

Judi Glova
Pinnacle Coaching & Consulting

Judi led the group in an interactive session on how to be “quitters.” She identified three key habits that limit our own potential and growth and provide practical tools on how to “quit” those three key habits. With a few simple steps, personal examples and mindful visualizations, the group was introduced to workable solutions to end “brain-drain” and facilitate increased mental clarity and concentration allowing your mind to run more efficiently and your brain to focus on your business, career and life goals.

As a longtime friend of the HBA and past HBA Metro board member, Judi ended her session by gifting all in attendance one customized release and an Intuitive Leadership Assessment and report debrief. We appreciate and thank Judi for her partnership with the HBA and look forward to her upcoming collaboration and participation in future HBA Southwest Region Fit to Lead Affinity group events – stay tuned for that. 

We also encourage all HBA members to take advantage of the multiple virtual events across the different chapters and regions. We hope to see everyone at our next signature event - Leadership Virtual Roundtables: A Window Into Your Future. To keep interactions intimate and facilitate more individual discussions, this event will limit registrations and will be held across two dates: Tuesday, 18 August and Thursday, 20 August. Individual registration is required for each event date. To keep informed on news and events check out the following pages, HBA Southwest Region and HBA Houston