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HBA San Diego Announces 2021 Mentoring Program Leads

HBA San Diego is pleased to announce our new Mentoring Program co-leads for 2021, Adair Chesley and Jessica Taylor.

The Mentoring Program is one of HBA’s flagship programs and HBA San Diego has consistently been growing participation. 2020 was our largest group yet: a total of 54 participants.

Adair came to the program as a mentee in our executive group. She is looking forward to leading the program next year along with Jessica.

Often, we view mentoring as a way to 'get ahead' towards a future that you imagine for yourself on your professional journey; quite true, but there is another value in mentoring, which is the capacity to reflect and assess wherever one finds themselves on their career journey in the present moment. Why is this important? By focusing on the immediacy of one's present, you're able to more concretely strategize how and why to get to where you want to go. In an HBA Mentoring Circle, you're free to explore outside perspectives and gain additional insights to structure your goals and plans that more readily provides a framework for designing your life's roadmap in an equally supportive and intelligent environment.

When I was graciously offered an opportunity to co-lead the HBA San Diego Mentoring Program for 2021, delightfully, I accepted the honor of becoming a part of an incredibly important segment in our members’ lives. The HBA Mentoring Program is a strong heartbeat in our network of support in empowering our members. I can't wait to showcase our continued commitment in believing in a bright future for our seasoned and aspiring leaders.”

– Adair Chesley

Jessica, an HBA member, is new to our HBA Mentoring Program but brings a wealth of experience leading another healthcare organization’s mentoring program in San Diego.

“It’s exciting to be part of the HBA Mentoring Program, because I’ve seen how mentoring fosters exponential growth in skills, ideas and meaningful relationships for both mentees and mentors. Mentoring is a space for participants to share perspectives while developing emerging leaders for success in their careers – it’s for those reasons and many more that I’m excited to take the baton from Jorgine and Lauri to co-lead with Adair.”

– Jessica Taylor

Lauri Campbell and Jorgine Ellerbrock have led the HBA San Diego program for the last two years and are excited to be handing over the reins to such a capable team.  

“Adair’s and Jessica’s enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas will help bring HBA San Diego’s Mentoring Program to the next level.” – Lauri Campbell

“We are confident that the program is in excellent hands and look forward to hearing all about the plans for next year.” - Jorgine Ellerbrock

Registration for the 2021 program will open soon.