Drum Roll for the First Chapter Spotlight of 2021: HBA Suisse Romande  | HBA

Drum Roll for the First Chapter Spotlight of 2021: HBA Suisse Romande 

Hello and Bonjour from HBA Suisse Romande, Chapter Spotlight for January 2021! 

We are a team of passionate volunteers:

  • Driving opportunities to facilitate career and business connections
  • Providing a forum and space for women to gather, share, learn and grow 
  • Embedding effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talents
  • Organizing events for a wide range of healthcare professionals within the geographic areas of Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchatel and Fribourg - the ‘French-speaking part of Switzerland’.

Switzerland is well-known for its unsurpassed Swiss chocolate, fine Swiss watches, the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife, the unforgettable Swiss Alps including the Matterhorn and Jungfrau and the exquisite Lake Geneva/Leman. 

Additionally, Switzerland is home to many healthcare companies’ headquarters, including Roche, Medtronic, Novartis, Ferring, Debiopharm, Intuitive Surgical, Incyte, Sophia Genetics and well-known for innovation thanks to EPFL Innovation Park, the Biôpole, the Wyss Center and Campus Biotech Lake Geneva Brain Forum. With such world-renowned presence, Switzerland nonetheless needs to accelerate the impact, visibility and voice of women in the workforce. 

Women in Switzerland only earned the right to vote at a national level in February 1971, decades after women in most of the western world. In 1981, gender equality and equal pay for equal work was written into the Swiss constitution. However, progress still need to be made to make this a reality for all women in the country. By 2018 Switzerland was ranked in the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report as the 20th most gender-equal country in the world and 10th in Europe.

There are three HBA chapters in Switzerland: HBA Basel, HBA Zurich-Zug, and HBA Suisse Romande. We represent the French-speaking part since 2014. In January, you will find many opportunities to learn more about us via our Chapter Spotlight posts and upcoming events: 

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