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HBA San Diego Award Winners Announced

During HBA San Diego's volunteer recognition and happy hour on 15 December 2020, we took time to honor several members for their hard work and leadership that has contributed to the great success of HBA San Diego over the past year. 

Leadership, Excellence and Dedication (LEAD) Award
Lara Poling 

The LEAD Award is the highest honor any HBA volunteer can be given for demonstrated excellence through significant contributions and positive influence. Lara has taken the lead for all of our HBA San Diego programs this year. With her creativity and innovation, she orchestrated book clubs as well as programs addressing mental well-being. Not only has she proven to be the Zoom expert for our virtual events, but her efforts have also resulted in our highest program attendance. She has consistently shown dedication to the HBA mission of furthering the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide.

"Without Lara, our 2020 HBA San Diego programs would not have been as diverse and meaningful as they were.” – Susan Malecha, HBA San Diego president

Chapter Everest Award
Lauri Campbell

Lauri has demonstrated innovation and willingness to go the extra mile in two vital areas for HBA San Diego, resulting in a significant positive impact on the regional organization. First, as the HBA San Diego marketing director-at-large, she assumed a critical role in the development, implementation and ongoing effectiveness of the social media presence for our programs. She has expanded our reach in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as channels for communication, especially taking into consideration the impact of COVID-19 on attendance. Secondly, working with the regional mentoring group, she took on the position of mentoring program co-lead for a second year. Working with another former mentor, she managed a large mentoring program of over 50 people. They took a novel, virtual approach to implementing mentoring circles that aligned with career levels: two groups consisted of executive and other senior managers and another group included young professionals. Lauri whole-heartedly supports the mission of the HBA and we recognize her tremendous creative value.

"With both the enhanced social media presence and the innovative approach to the mentoring program, Lauri has had a clear and measurable impact in HBA San Diego, as well as the HBA Pacific Region overall." – Susan Malecha, HBA San Diego president

Marie Curie Award
Vicki Shulmulinsky
Vicki has demonstrated innovation in the creation of a new program offering for the HBA San Diego, which has had a remarkable impact on the organization. Vicki spearheaded Health Mind/Health Body, a small group networking program focused on wellness-infused, leadership development. It offered a 12-week journey of online involvement, educational expert discussions and personal accountability. She assumed a critical role in the development, implementation and ongoing effectiveness of this program. Vicki has created a clear and quantifiable impact on HBA San Diego overall. This program may even lead to a Fit to Lead Affinity Group for the HBA Pacific region. 

"With her innovative approach to leadership, Vicki whole-heartedly supports the mission of the HBA and we recognize her tremendous creative value to the operation of HBA San Diego.” – Susan Malecha, HBA San Diego president

Legacy Award
Sheri Winter

Membership is at an all-time high and this is due in many ways to Sheri's dedication and engagement. Sheri has demonstrated an amazing attitude, enthusiasm and initiative to help HBA San Diego grow. As the director-at-large for membership, Sheri has organized multiple “Making the Most of Your HBA Membership-Special Invitation” events to explain the opportunities and value of the HBA membership. She has done a fantastic job of spreading the word about HBA San Diego. Although HBA San Diego has only existed for two years, she has been volunteering with the HBA for over five years.
"Sheri's passion and commitment is palpable and she brings great value to HBA San Diego as the lead for membership.” – Susan Malecha, HBA San Diego president

Congratulations and thank you to all our award recipients! We look forward to even more success and growth for HBA San Diego in 2021.