Be in Yours: A Brave Space | HBA

Be in Yours: A Brave Space

HBA San Diego is offering an eight-week self-discovery and community-building journey Be in Yours: A Brave Space, brought to you by Vicki Shumulinsky, vice president of HBA San Diego, associate director of strategy at West Health and founder of InYours. This unique and innovative program kicks off on 24 March and space is limited due to its intimate nature.

As a participant of this program, you will learn about what it takes to move yourself to the top of your priority list. You'll explore the limiting beliefs women have acquired that have us consciously or unconsciously giving away our power. You'll begin to articulate details of the life you want to lead. You'll learn about the obstacles that so often block our way from the success, relationships and impact we desire. You will work with each other around topics of intuition, goals and energy. You'll play a key role in building a supportive community and professional connections. 

A "brave space" is one where you're given permission (within the walls of a private, confidential container) to be completely and authentically yourself. It is one where participants share personal experiences. These are places that encourage discussion, uplift one another for our gifts and achievements, support, accountability and mutual learning. The more open and honest you can be in a brave space, the more you will discover about yourself and begin to realize your goals. 

We anticipate this program to sell out.

This program is virtual and is open to all HBA members nationally.

Please email Vicki with any questions as she will be guiding us through this self-discovery and community-building journey.