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HBA Berlin Steps4Selflove Fitness Challenge – Take 5000 Steps a Day

We did it! From Berlin to Paris over Moscow - 5000+ steps per day. Steps4Selflove started on Valentine’s Day and inspired more than 20 HBA members to count their steps for two weeks. We saw forests, frozen rivers, ice-cream and Abba-videos (1500 steps in just one song).

Why did we do that?
Self-love means self-care. We started step by step to care for our own wellbeing. We networked, laughed, motivated and challenged each other and started to change habits by paying attention to daily physical exercises.

Additionally, we collected data from all over the world about self-love and found so many precious articles, speakers, books and articles (e.g.):

  • Real Change, Enduring Change, Happens One Step at a Time.“ - Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Successful People are Simply Those with Successful Habits“ - Brian Tracy
  • No Matter What you do, do Your Best at it.” - Robert Mitchum
  • Nobody can go Back and Start a New Beginning, but Anyone can Start Today and Make a New Ending.” - Maria Robinson

Want more? Here are our findings:
Content week 1
Content week 2

Our mission is to build a strong community, where we can find and give inspiration and motivation to each other. We want to accelerate our training, improve our mental health for more self-confidence and wellbeing and at least but not last - strengthen our relationships with the other HBA participants – and it worked.

By providing evidence from the newest health prevention research (incl. health behavior, nutrition, physical and mental health) we encourage and empower each other, to take care of ourselves first. Just because that is a basic need for our personal and professional growth. Of course - in a friendly atmosphere, where you interact with other HBA members. And we will do it again.

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