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HBA Berlin: Strengthen Your Voice and Sound 

Early Saturday morning, in cozy and comfortable clothing, was workshop time our new normal. We met for a voice and sound workshop. We started with goalsetting among the participants and many different goals were identified, such as:

  • “better modulation”
  • “speaking alone for a long time exhausts me”
  • “I want to learn how to prevent this”
  • “voice confidence”, “voice use more consciously”
  •  “I fall in monotony and would like to change that”
  •  “trigger enthusiasm with the voice”

The whole body is involved in speaking and the body leads the voice, this sounds so logical, but often we tend to forget such simple things. During the workshop we prepared the body for the "use of the voice" with certain techniques, these ones were not only very useful but also quite funny exercises.

However, this was also hard "body work". This body work included posture, use of your own resonance spaces, breathing techniques and training of the speaking tools, such as the “Pleul- exercise”. Have you ever heard of this exercise? I hadn't either. We got to know, that this technique is working like exercise for the vocal cords and it opens the throat and prepares the body and voice for the task at hand.

The outcome and our learnings among the participants within the short time of only two to four hours was quite impressive. It was visible and audible: all voices first had to be woken up so that they could achieve their full radiance. It was great to observe this positive development. All participants learned how to modulate and vary the voice in order to bind the audience to their own lips, convey emotions and ultimately optimize their own performance.

Many thanks to Katja Winter, who led this workshop authentically, with a lot of warmth and passion, with a very nice and open atmosphere and was able to inspire all participants, who can now all appear with a stronger voice and personality and inspire their listeners with self-confidence and sovereignty.

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