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Andrea Wilkinson Announced as HBA Pacific Region President of Corporate Relations

I am pleased to announce that Andrea Wilkinson will be stepping into the role of Corporate Relations President for the HBA Pacific Region.  Andrea comes into this role naturally after serving for two years as the HBA Pacific Region Director of Business Development and for the past year as Vice President of Corporate Relations for the HBA Pacific Region. In addition, Andrea helped launch HBA Montgomery Corridor and served as the Director of Marketing and Communications. She has received numerous HBA awards for her dedication and service.

Andrea Wilkinson has had a successful career of problem-solving by tailoring strategic product launch solutions for 30+ complex breakthrough biopharmaceutical therapies. Over her career, she has addressed challenging the U.S. and International market access, reimbursement, government, regulatory, public policy, patient and commercial barriers. She’s a trusted c-suite advisor who has worked with early-to-late stage launch teams in multinational companies, including AstraZeneca/Medimmune, Takeda and sanofi pasteur.  Andrea holds a BA from Louisiana Tech University. Relocated from Washington, DC to the San Francisco Bay Area. Andrea is an angel investor at Pipeline Angels and serves on the Board of Directors at Project Open Hand and the HBA Pacific Region. 

The HBA is about transformative networking” – it has allowed me to build relationships with peers outside of my organization, learn from others, share best practices, and get new ideas. I have also built friendships that have transcended both jobs and locations – from Montgomery to DC to San Francisco. The HBA has even helped me land my current job. I continue to be inspired by and delight in further fostering the HBA community.”  Andrea Wilkinson

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