Meet Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa, HBA Indianapolis October Member Spotlight | HBA

Meet Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa, HBA Indianapolis October Member Spotlight

Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa has been a part of the healthcare industry for more than 10 years and has served in a variety of key leadership roles during this period. As a certified dentist in India, Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa had the unique opportunity to understand both the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare and can fully appreciate the complexity of the U.S.-based health system. In addition to this experience, she has broad business development, project management, and team leadership experience and works to identify opportunities that provide transformational revenue growth, establish solid client and partner relations, and inspire team members to achieve their personal and professional goals. In her current role as a Senior Manager, Sales Operations she is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of a 10-member sales team of account executives. In addition, she is a board member for a non-profit organization, Global Health Connections, which strives to educate and provide sustainable solutions to global health. 

Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa first learned about the HBA when she was nominated for the HBA Rising Star program as part of Cognizant corporate partnership and is now participating in the HBA Ambassador program offered by Cognizant. What Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa appreciates about the HBA is the vast avenues of interacting with women leaders across the globe. The HBA discusses real-world problems and has mentors who can guide each other in various stages of their career journeys. It’s a place where “Women together help each other to grow and prosper to their full potential.”

When asked for some of the best advice she has ever received, Dr. Sukriti Sachdeva Sclippa shared a few pieces of advice that she always lives by: “There are no shortcuts in life, hard work will always pay off” and “Career growth is a journey, like life, with ups and downs. All you need is persistence and passion.